Passengers on the 61B  [a collaboration with Charlie Alessi]

20"x4"x7"’ | stoneware  | 2014

Riding the 61B bus between Pittsburgh and Braddock, I see the same faces, the same tired afternoons, evenings, mid-nights. These strangers I know. The ones from the city, the students in Oakland, the collections of us in the Monongahela Valley.  This project depicts the faces of my neighbors, on that long ride out to the end of the line and home.  If the 61B kept going, it could follow the river South to West Virginia and Appalachian origins of so much that we live together in this place.  These mugs are in the Appalachian Face Jug tradition but depict portraits made from life --between Pittsburgh, Appalachia's cultural center, and the post-steel cities on the Monongahela River. As a mug is a personal object– to handle, mouth, wash, place –each of these private moments of life, found a home in relationship to the person who now owns each mug, the people who hold it. 

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