Lindsey Peck Scherloum

is a sculptor and media artist based in North Braddock, PA.  She works in installation and time-based practices to create collaborative and participatory experiences that prompt stories and human connection around the objects, places and habits we take for granted.

    My goal is to arouse stories within members of my audience that place their identities in the context of a material and social world.  I am especially interested in creating spaces for stories unlike my own, and which are not yet part of mainstream discourse, and platforms for people to represent themselves and their own communities.  I use what I call a prompt, or a framework through which audiences can reflect on their own experiences. The prompt is the question, as well as the way to look at and organize the answers. I craft these parameters to create tension between objects, information, or people; it is in this space of tension, juxtaposition and mystery that humans are able to engage their own memories, ideas, and concerns in concert with others. 

    In If I’m Going to Spend My Life Working, I worked with men in a creative writing class at SCI Pittsburgh. After six weeks their reflections on work were stitched into fabric in front of a gallery audience, who then had the opportunity to use those panels to enclose the performance in a polyphonic composition made of the men’s voices.  In the pilot for Bureau of Place, I asked young people to pick criteria in which to survey random people in their neighborhood, and then gave them cameras and clipboards to collect profiles of their neighbors using a selection process reflective of their sense of their Borough.  

    Though I am often the facilitator, my aim, is not to give information, but to gather perspectives, offer processes to realize them in a material realm so they can be heard and understood by others.  These forms uses my training in theater, learning research, language, anthropology and architecture, and my extensive, meandering, domestic and foreign travel.  I am ultimately interested in people, the cultural assumptions we bring to decisions and judgements, the processes we need to understand ourselves, others and the objects and environments we take for granted.

contact me at gleaneuse[at]gmail[dot]com

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