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public installation at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh  | 84”x180”x120” | Bush honeysuckle, grapevine, kudzu, Norway maple, steel, sisal | 2019

    In an era when the impacts of human activity on the earth have reached critical levels, I look for stories in the inextricable link between culture and landscape. The environments I create require my audience to become immersed in and pass through natural materials, offering multiple views of the space where they are located, and views as well of what that space has to offer or could be used for. By doing so, new stories are formed, new ways of seeing land in opposition to an extractive and disconnected cultural relationship to the landscape.  The environments also offer a social circumstance in which multiple people may be interacting with the landscape in new ways, discovering, exploring, and imagining together. We know that learning happens better when it is processed with another.  In this way, as art critic and curator Lucy Lippard writes, “art is a framing device for visual and/or social experience.” 

Arch Distance front.JPG
Arch with Gherkins.JPG
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