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      Truth Booth and Reconciliation Station V1

        48”x48”x84” | birch, redwood, handmade paper, latex paint, relief prints, marker. (2018)

Designed to respond to any population, the Truth Booth and Reconciliation Station was first created about climate change in Summer 2018. People answered prompts on handmade paper embedded with news stories, and in the Reconciliation Station posted them over a natural landscape, obscuring nature with human actions and words.

The prompts encouraged reflection on personal contributions to the problem, and the ways our lives are negatively impacted by it. Out of these testimonies, and across varied interests and politics, emerged patterns of convenience created by commercialism, and emotional dependence on nature.

Scherloum_TBRS with detail.jpg
Scherloum_TBRS with detail.jpg
Reconciliation Station.jpg
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